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Serviced Apartments Ebisu is offering a special discount for Wisterian Hotel in Hakone if you make min. 7 days reservation at our apartments. 3,000JPY per person/1 night. Hakone is surrounded by mountains and famous for Japanese style hot spring. If planning a get away holiday from busy city life it is just the right place to go. It only takes approx. 1.5hr by train from Tokyo.

↑The view from one of the hotel rooms.

↑Images of the room available. Mixture of Western and Japanese style.

↑Breakfast service, additional charge of 1,300JPY.

↑This is something can not be experienced when living in Tokyo!GREEN!

↑Approx. an hour drive to Lake Yanaka and Mt. Fuji!

For further more detail please contact us.


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Let us introduce Cafe Mangrove, located just 2mins away by walk from SAE.

Fusion Style Asian Restaurant with relaxing atmosphere which provides resort style mood  for peopel having busy life in Tokyo.

Lunch menu cost approx. 1,500JPY, fairly reasonable. Includes drink, salad, main dish and dessert. Other side menus are Vietnamese style spring roll, prawn toast and tom yam soup.

Our staffs choices were 1)Tom Yam Soup Noodle 2) Nasigoreng 3) Green Thai Curry

Most dishes were quite spicy, which is great for hot summer weather .

As for dessert, tapioca with coconuts milk were served.

In overall, we all enjoyed our lunch time but however, if you do not have long lunch break, instead of eating in, we suggest take out lunch box sold just at the door. The price range from 380JPY~480JPY. They sold out quickly so if you are interested,neither  arrive early or reserve by a phone call. Delivery service is also available.  

Manager K and Staff T

and…..lastly but not least, Staff K smiling happily with her lunch.  

(reports by Service Cleaning Staff N/ Translated by Staff T)

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International Language: ENGLISH

Greetings from S.A.E. (Serviced Apartments Ebisu)

My name is Yas who works at S.A.E. as a member of the fantastic team.


We would like to send our appreciation to those who have stayed at S.A.E. before.

It has been our honor to assist you guys to live in this area and enjoy the Tokyo life.


To those who have not had a chance to stay at S.A.E., please feel free to contact us

We will make sure that you will enjoy Tokyo.


Being a part of S.A.E., I have realized that it is very important for us to be able to speak English. Although we do not speak French, Italian, Korean, Russian, or Chinese, we can communicate with all kinds of different people from the world in English.

We S.A.E. staffers are Good English speakers. It was fortunate for us to have our own chances to live in overseas because we were able to develop our English comprehensive and to obtain strong insights into different cultures.

When it comes to me, I spent almost 8 years in the United States of America. On some other occasions, I would like to share how I improved my English comprehensive from nothing.

For now, if you need to hear American English at Serviced Apartments Ebisu, you know whom you have to talk to.



Serviced Apartments Ebisu


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Looking From Behind…

Newly opened K Theatre is located right next to Mitsukoshi and we managed to get a glance of Apeace after there performance.

Seemes like that you can shake hands with each member afterwards……

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Cafe Papas is located in Mitsukoshi, Ebius Garden Place.

During the warm sunny days, seats outside are recommemded.

Together with coffee, there are varieties of cakes to choose from.

When feeling exhausted from the hot summer days Cafe Papas is one of the most relaxing place to just pop in and rest for a while when shopping in Ebisu Garden Place.

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