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Our usual lunch outing has been changed to eating at home, delivery version, (due to some staffs absence the day turned out to be extremely busy for the service cleaning staffs….)

Pizza delivery is popular for our guests so we decided to try out by ourselves!

Pizza Hat, Domino Pizza is often recommended for familys with children but since we want to add some posh image…..Pizza Salvatore was chosen.

Order can be made online and takes approx. 30 mins to be delivered.

Our selctions were…..

Family Set (Pizza×1+ Pasta×1+Insalata×1 +Carne×1)

Mostly loved simple Margherita ↑ Crusty pan with fresh tomatoes

Simple Italian Salad ↑ Always great to have some salad as a side dish

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi↑ Loved the cheese toppings

Steamed Chicken with Cabbage↑ Cabbage contained a lot of sweetness,chicken meat was soft and had just the right amount of oil

As we are four all together…..an extra dish was added to our order to make sure the portion is enough to fill our hungry stomach

Penne al Ragu↑ Tasty meat sauce penne.

Having finished the dishes…..our stomach was almost full but there’s always space left for dessert. Here are the slected ones

1) Strawberry Gelato- smooth texture, refreshes your appetite!

2) Apple pie- unfortunately not a home made style as expected….

3) Alomond powder chocolate cake- the taste is always guaranteed~

Eating out can be good for a change of space but relaxing at home and surrounding the tables together with others is also refreshing! Have a try!


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Buco di Muro Ebisu

A fine Italian Restaurant in Ebisu Garden Place. (Reported by  Staff Ms. K.)

 TEL03-3473-9187 but reservation not accepted so to get a table, early arrival is recommended.

↓Open terrace tables available in Garden Place Square. (Manager K. enjoying the summer breeze)

↑Quiet area, a great place to just chill out and chat. (Manager K and Staff K waiting for their lunch course to arrive)

↑Appetizer dish- Roast beef/ Vegetable stew, tomato based/ Octopus& Vegetable pickles. Even though Ms. K does not facy carrots she was quite pleased with the dish. Octopus was fresh and tasty.  A little more portion of meat would have been better.

↑Simple fresh green salad

↑Soft tasty Italian bread. Ms. K was happy get a refill.

↑Tomato sauce based anchovy seafood pasta.

↑Bacon and mushrooms cheese sauce cream pasta. Mild but yet not so heavy taste.

↑Tiramisu and frutis tart as for dessert. The combination of creamy tiramisu and fresh fruits tart was well balanced to conclude the lunch.

↑Manager K. Italian Espresso

↑Cappuccino. Coffee holic Staff K was very pleased with the quality of coffee.

↑SA staff feeling replete and satisfied

↑Lastly but not least Ms. K who enjoyed lunch watching two handsome Britsh men sitting next to us.

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