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SoBa for Tokyoite

Do you know what Soba is?!
Soba is a name for a noodle made from buckwheat flour served either chilled with a dipping sauce, or in hot broth as a noodle soup.
Soba is traditionally the noodle of choice for Tokyoites!
So let us introduce where to try it out in Ebisu near SAE.

“Soba Dokoro Fuji ya”
Address: 1-1-26 Mita Meguro Tel: 03-3712-6839
Lunch- 11:30-15:00/Diner 17:00-21:00 Closed on Tuesdays.

A popular inexpensive food throughout Japan. Price range for lunch is approx. 600-1,000JPY.
And with this reasonable price you can get a lunch set menu which includes side dish and dessert.

If preferred, a rice bowl with toppings like the one Manager Yasu chose can be ordered.

Soba with tempura is a typical combination. Crispy deep-fried tempura matches well with plain soba taste.

“Soba Dokoro Fujiya” is located in a local Ebisu area, about 8 mins walk from SAE!
The restaurant may look small from outside but has about 50 seats and half of them are Japanese sit on a floor style.

Please do try. If it satisfies your taste bud, dried noodles or instant noodle broth are sold in the super markets so have them at home as well!!.


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Yebisu Beer Festival 2011

Our staff gatherings have still been taking places during lunch, apology for belated upload.
Let me start off with the latest news.

On 16th Sept. after work staff Sym and Tmk participated in a long-awaited beer festival held in Ebisu Garden Place.Since it was the first day an event started off with an opening reception.

People were queuing by the entrance to get inside.

The process to get a seat with beer starts from queuing in a line to purchase tickets.

While in a queue menu is handed out to save time for orders.

Food and drink collection areas are divided to avoid congestion.

Finally, staff Sym and Tmk managed to find seats to enjoy our selections.
Obviously, include well chilled Yebisu beers served in a cold pint glasses.

Small food plates were fried shrimps&chicken and German potatoes.

Even though food was ready-made, taste was up to standard that matched with the quality of beer.
Live music performance was held to bring up the mood.

Staff Sym and Tmk continued enjoying until the sky turned dark.

Seemed like everyone around was cheerful chatting and drinking. Japanese business men were enjoying outdoor meeting.

Summer is the best season to enjoy beer. Please do take a visit! Garden Place is located adjacent to Serviced Apartments Ebisu!

Yebisu Beer Festival 2011 in Ebisu Garden Place
Location: Ebisu Garden Place
Date: 16th Sep.- 19th Sep.
Time: 11:30-21:00 (last order 20:30)

Additional Info: Indoor Yebisu beer hall and Yebisu beer museum are open all through the year!

Late Happy summer Greetings from staff Sym

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