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2 Two-Bedrooms Apartments are fully booked between the period of end of March~beginning of April.

 However, One-Bedroom Apartments are still vacant. If planning a visit to Tokyo and have not booked an accommodation please consider staying with us in Ebisu.

#105 (B Type One-bedroom 64.51㎡) This room has been renovated and has a tatami mat space by the widow.

#206 (B Type One- bedroom 64.51㎡ ) The carpet has recently been replaced.

Both two apartments are facing towards South East. Bright sunlight will enter the rooms  during the daytime.

#102 ( D Type One-bedroom 62.64㎡) This apartment is available for more than 30 consecutive nights. Suitable for people looking for a long-term stay accommodation. Special monthly rate will be applied. 

For any inquiries please feel contact.  Our pleasure to assist you further.   


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