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Summer has begun!

Finally it is time for you all to enjoy the summer holidays!

If spending time in S.A.E, it is only 3 mins walk away to enjoy the great events happening in Ebisu Garden Place.

Let us give you a guide around and introduce you how interesting our neighbourhood is!

A new event, “Star Light Cinema” is staring from today!

It is a oudoor cinema. Everything is already set up and during the day time, stage is used for Hawaiian dance event.








If you are worried about being heat exhausted, below is the additional information.

1)Cool mist is sprayed out from the ceiling.








2)Refreshing cold Gin cocktails are served.








3) You can enter Mitsukoshi department store to cool down. Most shops are still on sale.

( Enjoy selecting and tasting wine is also advised for adults)








Visit SAE and experience the relaxing weekends! (Don’t stay home and be stuck in an air-conditioned room!)

Take a walk around and be active!

http://gardenplace.jp/sp/starlightcinema.html ← For further information and  programme please check Ebisu Garden Place website.

!Everyone Have a Happy Summer Vaction!




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