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SAE Style Breakfast

A pleasant morning is promised at Service Apartment Ebisu with the
uplifting aroma of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread.

Homemade breakfast service is available upon request every weekday mornings.

The breakfast includes freshly brewed coffee, home baked bread and a great
start to your day;

they will be delivered to your room by our concierges.

Bread is rare Austrian bread from a traditional bakery called “Sailer”.
Maister Sailer,a fourth owner,bakes the bread everyday and delivers to us all the way up from Fukuoka prefecture (South part for Japan).

Bread selected for you is a basic but yet most popular “Kaiser Roll”.
Please enjoy the crusted surface together with butter and jam.

Service Apartment

Have a great start of the day with a typical Austrian style breakfast at Service Apartment EBISU!


↓Click below for more
information about the bakery sotre↓


↓The bread is also recommended on “Tabelog”↓



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International Schools

This is SAE staff Shozawa.


Today, I will be introducing “International Schools”.


For those with children and are being appointed to overseas for business, the very important task as a father to do is to search for a school.

School comes first and then a location of home. This is a typical pattern for many of you.

SAE is favorably situated in a residential district with International schools close by. It is an ideal living environment with the best condition.

Listed are several schools for your information.

1)     Within Ebisu Garden Place premise

Poppins  International Pre-school  ( For children age 1 to 4)

Festivities and events are constantly being held in Garden Place area and this school provides     education in English for children living nearby.  A world class educational facility ⇒http://www.poppins.co.jp/pips/index.html

2)  Shirogana area


KAIS International School (High Shool)    http://jp.kaischool.com/
Ayla Internationa School (For children age 1to 6)  http://aylais.com/?page_id=122

Shirogane International School (For children age 1-5) http://shiroganeis.jp

Where SAE is located is called Chojyamaru.

Education in the best environment is guaranteed.

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“A Safe City” Ebisu

Hello, this is May, a SAE staff.

Who does not want to live in a safe district?

Especially for women and families with children, the safety of living area is a matter of great importance.

Have you heard about the “Crime Information Map” web-site released by Metropolitan Tokyo Police Department?

“Crime Information Map” (Japanese only web-site)


This map, which is divided into each area, is very useful. It allows us to check the number of crime occurred starting for January, 2012.
Pretending to be a police officer, I began my investigation using this map.

Service Apartment-恵比寿事件

“Criminal Information Map around Ebisu”

Blue arrow is pointing at SAE. The map reveals how safe the nearby area is.

Annually, 26-55 crimes occur in areas around East Exit of Ebisu Station and

10-25 crimes occur in areas around West Exit of Ebisu Station.

To be more precise, only 1-9 crimes in Mita ward, where we are located.

It is a very tiny amount of crime indeed.

By the way, crime in this case is a “Bicycle Theft”.

Everyone, please be careful not to have your bicycle stolen.

Check whether the location is appropriate and safe for storing and do not forget to lock before leaving your bicycle.

Service Apartment-渋谷事件

“Criminal Information Map around Shibuya”

Moving on to our neighbor city, Shibuya, West Exit of Shibuya Station, where statues of Hachiko and Moai are, 122-240 crimes occur annually. Obviously, the more people there are, crime increases.

Even in East Exit part of Shibuya Station, there are 56-121 crimes/ year.

Service Apartment-新宿事件

“Criminal Information Map around Shinjyuku”

Furthermore, number of crimes in Shinjyuku(West&East exit) are over 241/year.

Just what is expected, the area is marked mostly in red. Shinjyuku has the largest number of the passenger in the entire world.

Before, I use to commute to work via Shinjyuku.

Shinjyuku is a great melting pot of people with different style

i.e. A man dressed as a woman. A woman dressed all in pink Hello Kitty costumes.

Of course there are many “ordinary” people too!

(Apologize to people who have strong association to Shinjyuku area.)

What is more appealing about the maps provided by Metropolitan Tokyo Police Department is that we can also find out the number of traffic accident!

Am sure people with children will find this interesting.
Service Apartment-恵比寿事故

“Accident Information Map around Ebisu”

Blue arrow is pointing at SAE. Looking at the map, possibility of accident is high near Ebisu Station and Komazawa Street where the wide streets intersect.

However, in SAE area there are only 0-10 accidents!

To sum, from this result, SAE  is a very “safe” place to live.

As a suggestion, “Ebisu Skywalk” is recommended when heading to and from JR Ebisu Station.

Service Apartment

It is safer and faster. You can avoid getting wet from the rain too.

SAE promises you a safe and secure life.

Once again, if you are curious to know how safe your area is, please check the below.

“Crime Information Map” (Japanese only web-site)


See you again,

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Hi there, this is Yama, SAE staff. Thank you always for reading Service Apartment Ebisu’s blog.

Today is about hospitals near SAE I recommend.

To start with, here’s a story: on April 22nd, I was at a snow resort in Nagano (about 2.5hours away from Tokyo) to attend a qualification exam for technical ski. A total of 85 applicants gathered and I was the 25th person to ski.

Off I went with confidence, but as I made my fourth turn, I lost my balance and fell to my back, while hearing something tear inside my body…The sound was followed by a dull pain so severe that all I could do was curl up on the snow helplessly. “I must have torn the ligament…” the thought horrified me. So, instead of going home with a new qualification, I found myself on a bullet train being carried back to Tokyo.

Once in Tokyo, I had to switch hospitals a couple of times over the next few days, until I reached the hospital I felt I could count on:

Kitasato Institute Hospital

〒108-8642, 5-9-1, shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel 03-3444-6161

This hospital is about 10 minutes walk from us.

It is a general hospital, so all kinds of needs can be taken care of.

Although only with the help of volunteering translators, they do seem to accept foreign patients too.

Their orthopaedics has a rehabilitation center as well, where patients can receive one-on-one post-operation rehabilitation support, as well as muscle strengthening trainings. Patients with major injuries, such as mine, would find this hospital very reliable and resourceful.

With their help, I am getting closer each day till the moment I can ski again!

Another hospital of recommendation is located inside Ebisu Garden Place, which is just 5 mins walk away from us:

Ebisu Garden Place Clinic.

〒150-6004, 4F Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel 03-5420-1611

From finding the suitable hospitals to organizing a taxi for your hospital visit, SAE’s concierges are always ready to assist you with any special requests. Please do not hesitate to ask them anything.

We wish, however, more than anything that our guests stay healthy and thoroughly enjoy their Ebisu lifestyle.

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Hello, this is Shozawa, from SAE’s front desk.

The long hot summer has finally ended and with autum comes the time to indulge ourselves with great food and drinks.

Wine lovers must be looking foward to November when this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau will be released.

Ebisu, where we are located at, is known for the Yebisu Beer factory (now a museum), so if you like drinking beer, a visit to this museum might make a perfect autumn day outing.

But today, let me introduce you to a wine shop, WINE MARKET PARTY, located just around the corner from us.

Wines from all around the world are available on reasonable prices, along with a variety of cheeses.

Visiting this shop on a Friday will give you a happy start to the weekend.

Right beside the shop, you will find another wine shop, La Vinee,  purely dedicated to French wine. Not only does it stock wines from Burgandy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Alsace, it also stocks a selection from southern France. What a fun shop to be at for wine lovers, and talking with the well-informed shop staff makes the visit even better.

What interested me the most was their selection of vintage wine from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on. They aren’t exactly cheap — prices begin from around 20,000yen — and another zero must be added if you wanted one in red. But perhaps for a special occasion, you could by finding a bottle of your birth year or of your special someone’s.

Do check it out when you are at Ebisu Garden Place.

4-20-7, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, 〒150-0013

Open between 11:00 – 20:00

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Summer heat is still wandering  around in Tokyo….. but am sure long awaited autumn will arrive very soon!

SAE staffs are all prepared to welcome our guest by decorating  the entrance hall.

Next month, 31st October is a Halloween night!

Visitors and tenants, please enjoy being stared by pumpkins while entering to our premises!

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SAE repair and refurbishment plans to extend the quality of comfort and service while living in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Everyone, please do look forward to our newly reborn apartment, which will be completed in 2013!

※We are still able to accommodate so please do contact for vacancy.

Enjoy the rest of the remaining summer holidays!

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